🌋 Volcanoes Worksheet

Volcanoes Worksheet

Brief Summary of Key Terms

Short Questions

  1. What is a volcano?
  2. What is magma?
  3. What is a pyroclastic flow?
  4. What is a volcanic bomb?

Poster Task

Your task is to design a poster warning people about the dangers of volcanic eruptions. You can include key facts, diagrams and images to illustrate your points.

Open-Ended Research Task

Choose one of the following topics to research about volcanoes:

  1. The different types of volcanoes and how they are formed
  2. The impact of volcanic eruptions on the environment and people
  3. The role of volcanoes in shaping the Earth's surface

Present your findings in any format you choose - a report, presentation, or infographic. Be sure to include any sources you used for your research.

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