📰✏️ Writing News Articles Worksheet

📰✏️ Writing News Articles Worksheet

Key Terms

News Article - a report on recent events, usually in the format of a newspaper or magazine.
Headline - the title of the news article that summarizes the main idea.
Lead - the introduction of the news article that captures the reader's attention and provides key information.
Byline - the name of the person who wrote the news article.
Inverted Pyramid - a style of writing where the most important information is presented at the beginning and the least important is presented at the end.

Quick Questions

  1. What is a news article?
  2. What is a headline?
  3. What is a lead?
  4. What is the inverted pyramid?

Analysis Task

Read the news article below and answer the questions that follow.

"Local High School Wins State Championship"

Yesterday, the local high school's football team won the state championship game against their rival team. It was a thrilling game that kept the fans on the edge of their seats until the last minute.


  1. What is the headline of the news article?
  2. What information is provided in the lead of the news article?
  3. What type of game was it?
  4. Was the game exciting?

Writing Task

Write a news article about an event that happened recently in your local community. Use the inverted pyramid style of writing and include a headline and a byline.

Research Task

Research the history of journalism and the first newspaper in the UK. Write a brief summary of your findings.

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