Of Mice and Men Worksheet

Of Mice and Men Worksheet

Key Terms


  1. What was the main cause of the Great Depression?
  2. What were the Jim Crow Laws?
  3. What was the Dustbowl?
  4. Describe the life of a migrant worker during the Great Depression.


Jim Crow Laws

Research and write a paragraph about the Jim Crow Laws. Include their purpose and impact on American society.

Great Depression

Make a timeline of the major events of the Great Depression, including the stock market crash and key government programs such as the New Deal.


Watch a documentary or read an article about the Dustbowl. Write a summary of the causes and consequences of this environmental disaster.

Research Task

Choose a topic related to Of Mice and Men or the Great Depression, and research it further. Write a short essay or create a presentation to share your findings with the class.

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